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The Right To Organise

In Unions

By Ed McDonnell, retired from working as a

trade union tutor teaching union workplace

reps/shop stewards.

The work is free to download, below this

introductory text.

Employers have more power over those

who do the work for them than should have.

Everyone knows this. But how they get it is

poorly understood.

So too is how people have the right to get

equal to them by organizing in unions.


The Right To Organise In Unions’ shows, from

everyone’s daily experience, in everyday

language, how they get their power.

Also, not in everyday language but in the

language of business employer’s own ‘free

market’ economics, it shows how employers

use ‘marginal utility’ on their fellow-citizens

as if they are lifeless goods, and are

allowed to by governments.

It shows how the amount of power employer’s

have over fellow-citizens, in the vital business

of earning their living, is politically unacceptable.

And how, too, is employers and governments

obstructing people from organising themselves

together in unions.

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Employers are organised, as businesses

and public bodies. Their organisation

is recognised in law and, obviously,

in workplaces.

We need – and are entitled to - the right

for our organisation as workers to be

recognised at work too.

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The 'Right To Organise' Chart.pdf

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A Super-quick Read of ‘The Right To Organise’ –

The deal you have with employers in your job

is unfair. Here is why:

Businesses are just people organized together.

So are Public Services. They act together, as

organizations, collectively, all day and every day.

That is what enables them to dominate everybody

else in society.

Everybody else, mostly workers, should be

encouraging each other to learn why they too

have the right to organize and act together,

collectively. And not as a right for ‘the unions’

but from their own, personal positions’.

People know they’d be stronger in a union

but that doesn’t make the political case for

their entitlement to be.

This does – Employers are stronger than you not

because they can ‘get someone else from the

unemployed’. It’s because they’ve already got

so many staff. It’s because they’ve got so many

others they don’t desperately need any individual

worker. This case for the right to organize urgently

needs making, with fellow-workers, with people

generally, with politicians and with the media

Its the biggest problem in society because

without the mass of people being organized,

it leaves work and business, the most important

public activities, to be run by business people,

who do it only in their own interests.

Its time we caught up with

the Industrial Revolution –

They are organised, We need to be.

And are entitled to be.


‘The Right To Organise’ is an extract from

'The System Explained' which is at

Here, two summaries of The System Explained -

The Super Summary.pdf  v. 2022.6C

   2,500 words, in large text for phones/devices

  The Ten Minute Read.pdf

5,000 words, in large text for phones/devices.

Reviews of 'The System Explained' -

North West Labour History -

‘… far from an academic handbook on your

rights at work… has the feel of the shop floor’.

The late Tony Benn, socialist activist and politician -

‘… a great book to explain the essentials’.

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