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The Right - the Entitlement -

To Organise In  Unions

     This book explains how we relate at work and how to make it fair.

     By Ed McDonnell, Retired Tutor in Trade Union Education.

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144 pages. v. 2018.10 of January 2019

The 'Right To Organise' Chart.pdf   a one-page summary

A Quick Read.pdf    18 pages - v. 2018.6

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Reviews of the full book, Look At The System, of which this is an extract

NW Labour History "….  as far from an academic handbook

on your rights at work… as it's possible to imagine…

has the feel of the shop floor “

The late Tony Benn  "… a great book to explain the essentials"


The Super-quick Read – How you relate to employers

and workmates Is unfair. Businesses are people,

organized together. So too are Public Services and

their managers. Every day, they act together as

organizations, collectively, affecting and dominating

everybody else in society. The rest, most of them

workers, are entitled to organize and act together

too, as union members. Its time we caught up with

the Industrial Revolution: They are organised

You are entitled to be.


People should look, from their individual standpoint, at

why they are entitled to be organised with their workmates.

Its the biggest problem in society, as without the mass of

people being organized, it leaves work and business,

the most important activities in society, to be run by

business people - who do organise in their own interests.

People know ‘they’d be better off in a union. But that

doesn’t make the political case for their entitlement to be.

It’s not because employers can get someone else from the


It’s because they’ve got all the other staff.

It urgently needs making, with workmates, other workers,

people generally, the media and politicians.


The full book 'Look At The System’ is at

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